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Mi-T-M 9 Gallon Vacuum ()


1.3 HP, 120V, Two stage bypass, 101 CFM, 9.0 gallons capacity, Water Recovery:  6.0 gallons, Waterlift:  87 in., 7.5 amps.

25-foot electrical cord, wet and dry filter- no conversion necessary, 10-foot x 1 1/4-inch hose with inlet cuff, 14 1/4-inch curved plastic wand, 2-piece aluminum/plastic extension wand, 12-inch combination floor tool, 8 1/2-crevice tool, 12-inch commercial squeegee tool, cartridge filter, 1 paper filter bag. 

See Tech Data Sheet for more details. 

PLEASE CALL 1-800-791-0088 FOR PRICING. 

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