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QwikWay Chemical Company was originally founded in 1978 by Gerald Townsend. Located in Conway, Arkansas, the company was formed when it recognized a more technologically advanced chemical product line was needed to optimize both cost and performance for the highest level of sophisticated equipment and machinery. In the late 1980s, the company moved to Searcy, Arkansas, and began selling its quality products all over the Southeastern portion of the United States.

In 1998, the company was bought by Steve Foster. Encouraged by his eager sales staff, he began adding products and services to QwikWay's already large inventory. It was shortly after this time that Kenny Holeyfield, sales manager, took an even greater interest in the company by purchasing it in late 2003. Since that time, QwikWay Chemical Company has continued to expand its product line, services, and warehouse capacity while remaining committed to the customers it serves every day.

Today, with increased capacity and expansion potential, QwikWay Chemical has been relocated to a new 11,050 square foot facility in Searcy, Arkansas, where the same level of excellent quality and high performance are still being manufactured while maintaining a commitment to adhere and exceed environmental, regulatory and safety specifications.

Carrying on the tradition, QwikWay Chemical Company, with its staff of professionals, continues with pride to serve you, the customer.